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Santorini is a unique destination that creates once in a lifetime experiences. We want our guests to experience unique moments during their stays with us, as great experiences create great memories.

Ready to sail! The location of Santorini and its diverse beaches give you the opportunity to visit them by sea, choosing the way you want.

Either Catamaran, sailing boat, or a luxury boat you can book for as many people as you want and discover the beaches of Santorini that are accessible only by boat. Avoid the crowds on the busy beaches as you sail in the endless blue of the Aegean. See the volcano and the island of Santorini from a completely different perspective.

In addition to the beaches and the many routes you have to choose between, you can plan your experience at any time. So if you are lucky you can see the unique sunset of Santorini while you are at sea.

A characteristic of the island of Santorini is that it has the oldest vineyards in Greece. In fact, a phenomenon that testifies to the tradition of the island in fine wine is the findings from relevant excavations that are on display in the museum of the island and concern amphorae that were used to transport wine and trade with other cultures.

The wine of Santorini in recent years is gaining more and more fame around the world as the exceptional varieties produced on the island in combination with the climate make it unique.
What better way than to see the whole production process from 0 to bottling?
One of the most popular activities of the island but also a purpose of travel is the visit to the local wineries known as wine tasting.
During your planned visit to any winery in Santorini, you will have the opportunity to see the whole production process, from the first stages of vine cultivation, distillation, storage in flavored barrels and bottling.

Finally, you will have the pleasure to try fine varieties of wines and compare them with others of previous years. In combination with the traditional cuisine and the local products, the experience of wine tasting will be unforgettable.

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